3D model of fat cells designed by Random42

Stem Cell Therapy in VR

Virtual Reality


Stemcell Holdings wanted to convey their cutting-edge medical technology of stem cell therapy with genetic therapy to their target audience using a virtual reality (VR) experience. This storytelling format, combined with state-of-the-art technology, brings intricate and highly complex scientific messages to life, allowing the user to gain a deeper understanding of the science behind a medical product or disease area.

our approach

Virtual reality experience of stem cell therapy designed by Random42

The objective of this VR piece was to explain to patients and investors the potential of stem cell treatments in regenerative therapy. The project was created with the idea of immersion in mind, ensuring that the audience has a unique experience uncommon to other viewing platforms.

We aimed to educate and excite the viewer by allowing them to immerse themselves within the client’s narrative using compelling visuals.

This Stem Cell Therapy Virtual Reality experience has won 7 global industry awards.

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