Gene Editing Virtual Reality

Gene Editing in VR

Virtual Reality


This interactive virtual reality (VR) experience focuses on GenScript’s gene and cell therapy developed for the advancement of medicine and drug discovery. The experience illustrates the journey of the CRISPR gene editing process, as well as transient gene expression technology.

Virtual reality 3D model of gene editing designed by Random42

This immersive VR is highly engaging, allowing the user to play an active role in the medical narrative, elevating the educational benefit. The user can interact with objects in real-time using the hand held paddles, allowing them to physically control the CAS9 protein and manipulate ssDNA templates, simulating the task of gene editing.

The use of VR and hand manipulation gives audiences a deeper connection with GenScript’s CAR and TCR T Cell immunotherapies, helping to visualize and understand the biological processes.

Two versions were created, an interactive VR and a passive VR, allowing the client to utilize both experiences depending on the level of interactivity needed, audience or occasion.

The content can also be played back on a conventional monitor or TV screen, allowing users to view it on a desktop, laptop, or tablet, using the mouse or accelerometer to look around the environment. This flexibility enables the experience to be viewed when a VR headset is unavailable.

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