The HTC Vive offers us the unique ability to walk around in virtual space, and to interact with objects using our hands. The HTC Vive experience is supported by two handheld controllers which each have 24 sensors for accurate tracking. Base station technology enables 360° motion tracking of your exact location in space for a superior VR experience.

This breakthrough technology can be used for innovative VR experiences as well as gameplay, blending real-world elements into the virtual world.

Using cutting edge video game technologies to produce a demo that brings the user into the lattice existing inside bone to explore the cellular activity present. The user finds themselves surrounded by various cells with options to interact with the cells physically and view information on each.

With users being able to move around in a limited physical space, the Vive demo was designed with conventions such as teleportation, which enables the user to jump from one area of the scene to another by aiming at the floor with one of the two controllers.

Most of the interaction within the scene can be achieved by pointing and clicking the controllers, however more comfortable users can also interact by reaching out and touching the cells with the controllers directly. Being able to display information in physical space with high-fidelity imagery means we can provide a rich and memorable user experience for a variety of project types.

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