immuno-oncology research pipeline

Immuno-Oncology Research Pipeline in AR

Augmented Reality


Through augmented reality (AR) Janssen’s cancer research pipeline was brought to life in the form of an interactive application. Immuno-oncology modalities and molecules from their clinical pipeline were incorporated into the app, targeted at researchers and healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Immuno-oncology augmented reality website designed by Random42

3D medical animation content was produced encompassing these immuno-oncology modalities and molecules in a scientifically accurate and eye-catching format, portraying key messages of normal cell function, disease state, and mechanism of action.

The MoD and MoA animations were developed further, for an interactive booth experience, generating an array of digital assets that can be used in a variety of settings.

Individual elements were also isolated from the animation to create striking booth backdrops and three separate interactive augmented reality overlays. Each immuno-oncology modality was displayed on an individual interactive wall, where the user could interact with each molecule separately using touch-screen panels.

Augmented Reality Oncology Pipeline

The app uses image-tracked AR, created for a conference setting to bring a pipeline poster to life, transforming content into interactive elements that launch engaging, real-time 3D assets that reveal additional information about each of Janssen’s cancer therapies.

Image-tracked AR offers the incredible advantage to turn any promotional material into an interactive experience, from brochures and business cards to large poster installations like in this instance.

The interactive animation content was produced for Janssen to use at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual conference aiming to entice users to their booth and offer a captivating and informative visual experience.

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