Sore Throat Products in AR

Augmented Reality


Through immersive augmented reality (AR), Reckitt’s Strepsils® products are brought to life. Using markerless AR technology, the user can launch the experience on a smart device using their device’s camera to explore the graphics that explain each product and their mode of action in stunning detail.

Strepsils Products in Augmented Reality

The AR experience is split into chapters to cover each scientific topic, including, the causes of a throat infection, the structure of the throat, the inflammatory process, medicinal delivery, the product mode of action, and the relief the patient experiences.

The app showcases a multitude of viruses and bacteria that can cause a sore throat, showing each pathogen in great illustrative detail. This end-to-end approach is made all the more compelling by allowing the user to simulate the administration of the medication on an AR patient using the device’s touchscreen.

The viewer can then tap an icon to either explore the Strepsils® lozenges or spray.

After clicking, each product is explained showing the application and delivery of each sore throat medicine.

The AR experience is hosted within the Reckitt app for distribution to their relevant target audiences.

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