New Release – Medical Animation Showreel

26th September 2019 Company News Creative News

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our eagerly awaited brand-new medical animation showreel!

Through medical animation, we take you on an immersive journey, exploring complex biological processes involved in the development of various diseases and explain how cutting-edge treatments can be used to overcome such conditions.

We can travel inside the human body, from floating alongside red blood cells inside arteries to exploring the airways in the lungs. We can observe the functioning synapses of the brain or watch cells divide. When a drug or device enters the scene, we can see for ourselves how it interacts with the complex mechanisms of the human body, down to the molecular level. These journeys create what we call mechanism of disease (MoD) or mechanism of action (MoA) animations that are developed primarily for our pharmaceutical and biotech clients.

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Finalising the chosen clips for the showreel each year is becoming increasingly difficult as our artists keep pushing the boundaries of their capabilities, producing a wide variety of selectable work. The team have made a strong effort to keep on top of the 3D world’s new software developments, which is progressing at an alarming rate. I feel their passion for self-development, mastering fundamental skills, whilst pursuing new ways of doing things comes across in this reel, and seeing what they are currently producing already, I’m excited to see what our next one will shape up to be.

Leo Chilcott, Production Director

Random42 prides itself on providing scientific accuracy and film-grade animation. We design every project to enable our clients to relay complex scientific information that results in a deliverable that elevates a product or disease area to a new level of understanding.

It is always exciting to see our new showreel to observe how the company has progressed since the last one arrived. The latest version shows how our team have really advanced in both the aesthetic and technical aspects of their work to create something that is much more varied and visually rich.

Ben Ramsbottom, Medical Director and CEO

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