WIRED Networking Reception 2021

19th October 2021 Company News Events & Exhibitions News

We had the pleasure of attending our first in-person event, in over 18 months, last week. The event was a networking reception hosted by WIRED. The in-person reception took place in the penthouse of the Centre Point building, located in Central London. The duplex penthouse reveals impressive 360-degree views across London, paired with stunning interiors within the Grade II listed modernist building.

The networking reception was the first in-person event our team has attended since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. All the events that we have been involved within the last 18 months have been digitally delivered due to the impacts of the pandemic and social distancing guidelines. So it was a welcomed change to get back to real-life in-person networking.

The event hosted 50 guests, all from the WIRED network, including event speakers and startup founders, from a variety of industries. Four demo spaces were set up at the venue, including our own Random42 demo area, where we displayed our latest virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology.

London city skyline at night WIRED Event Demo WIRED Networking Event

Our team had the opportunity to showcase the latest in the technology field and demonstrate how Random42 remains at the forefront of R&D in the virtual space. The guests were able to learn more about how new interactive technology is being put to use in pharma and healthcare and the impact animation and interactive experiences have both inside and outside of the industry.

Traditionally, advances in technology tend to encourage and facilitate virtual interaction. However, rather than being a barrier to physical connection, much of our technology also invites users to come together in the same location for shared experiences. VR, AR, and 3D medical animations grab people’s attention, initiate deeper discussion, and create talking points.

When most people think of ‘medical communication’, exciting interactive AR and VR technology isn’t usually what comes to mind. So as technologist it was so much fun surprising guests with our interactive demos and chatting about the impact real-time technology is having on our industry and society. Thanks to WIRED for pulling off the big post-covid reboot of their London events and creating those special moments where we can once again reconnect with each other.

David Ball, Senior Interactive Developer
Random42 Team at WIRED Event Random42 Demo Stand WIRED Device Demo
From left to right - David Ball, Alice Purssell & Tilly Palmer

A massive thank you to the WIRED team for putting together a great event and giving our team the opportunity to interact with guests.

We are looking forward to attending future WIRED events and continuing to network under the same roof again.


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