Drug Target Discovery Technology | Protein Interference


Phoremost’s technology aims to discover drug targets that remain intractable or undetected using conventional technologies, facilitating drug development for diseases such as cancer. Their novel SITESEEKER platform uses PROTEINi (or protein interference) – a new phenotypic screening method that identifies unexpected druggable sites that aren’t apparent with other technologies.

PROTEINi libraries encode millions of different proteins allowing identification of target-interaction sites throughout the whole proteome. Random42’s mechanism of action (MoA) animation for Phoremost shows how PROTEINi uses phenotypic screening to rapidly identify the key target-interaction sites involved in the disease being studied. This allows the discovery of novel drug targets including targets that were previously deemed ‘undruggable’.

This animation appears on the Phoremost technology page to showcase the potential of PROTEINi technology for drug discovery programs.

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