Bone Surgery Scientific Animation

Bone Surgery Animation

Scientific Animation


We created various mechanism of action (MoA) animations for DePuy Synthes to visually explain the science behind a variety of their medical devices used for bone surgeries.

3D model of bone surgery designed by Random42

The look and feel of each animation in the series are consistent with the branding of DePuy Synthes, solidifying their brand identity across their medical products and website.

This series includes their TRUMATCH® Graft Cage – Long Bone, a 3D-printed personalized resorbable implant for the treatment of critical-sized segmental defects. This animation conveys the science behind this medical device using stunning visuals, in a scientifically accurate, easy-to-understand, and engaging format, highlighting key product features including a basic overview of the underlying procedure.

3D model of bone surgery designed by Random42

The animation is embedded on the product page on the DePuy Synthes website, along with the product explanation, features and benefits, preclinical evidence, and supporting documentation.

Stills from the animation serve as the backdrop for the product page and images are featured throughout, unifying the brand.


View the full animation below.

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