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Bone Biology Animation

Scientific Animation | Educational Series


A series of nine animations and a disease state website on the processes that occur within bone were developed for Amgen.

bone biology animation series youtube

These are Amgen’s most viewed animations with over 3.5 million hits on their YouTube channel alone. The disease state website was the top-ranking entry on Google for the organic search term “bone biology” within 6 months of being rolled out, allowing Amgen to dominate this therapeutic area online.

The website was over ten years old and still received hundreds of thousands of views each year, highlighting that our work consistently withstands the test of time. Our disease-state websites are ground-breaking in quality and earn our clients the highest possible web ranking for their targeted therapeutic areas.

Bone biology website youtube2

Amgen’s Insights in Bone Biology website won 8 global industry awards and achieved the Number 1 global Google ranking for the search term “bone biology”.

This animation forms part of the series of Amgen’s most viewed animations ever produced with over three and a half million hits on Amgen’s YouTube channel alone.

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