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Cancer Immunotherapy Animation

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Gradalis’ Vigil® Platform is a fully personalized, patient-specific cancer immunotherapy. The Vigil® Platform is indicated for patients with advanced solid tumors and is currently being developed for the treatment of ovarian cancer and breast cancer. The Vigil® Platform uses the patient’s cancer cells to create a personalized cancer immunotherapy that activates the patient’s own T-cells to fight their cancer cells.

our approach

This mechanism of action (MoA) animation explores this platform using eye-catching visuals, showcasing how the innovative therapy works. The treatment involves surgically removing tumor tissue from the patient. Cancer cells from the tumor are then genetically modified and reintroduced back into the patient. These gene modifications help activate the immune system to detect and kill any cancer cells that may remain locally and in circulation.

The medical animation can be found on the Gradalis website on the product page. A looping clip created from animation content is also featured on the website.

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