3D model of the central nervous system designed by Random42

Disease State Education Simulator

Interactive Experience | Disease State Microsite


This interactive Microsite focuses on the education of Otsuka’s Psychiatry & Neurology pipeline and target therapeutic areas. The platform has been developed to function as a website as well as an iPad-based application. The project involved a central nervous system (CNS) simulator that covers a range of neurological disease symptoms, states, and treatments, focusing on Otsuka’s three main therapeutic areas within their neurology pipeline: Schizophrenia, Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), and Bipolar Disorder.

our approach

This interactive microsite is hosted on the PsychU website. PsychU is a free community and online resource library for mental health, created to help improve mental health care and patient outcomes for individuals with mental illness. The community is comprised of over 70,000 healthcare professionals dedicated to improving the future of mental health care through information, discussion, and collaboration.

To explore this interactive experience you must be a member. Membership is free, and after signing up you can simply log in to the PsychUsim tool to launch the simulator.

Disease Education Microsite

The user is able to interact and engage with a range of content including:

  • MoD/MoA animations
  • Patient videos
  • Various decks/data
  • Interactive disease progression timelines with call-out features
  • Content surrounding; burden of disease, societal cost/impact diagnosis, including clinical assessment scales for diagnosis, symptoms, and comorbidities, stigma, recovery, and relapse
  • Search function within the Simulator
Random42 Disease Education Simulator Microsite

The purpose of the microsite was to develop an easy-to-use, intuitive platform for training healthcare professionals (HCPs), exploring the disease and treatment pathway for three indications within Otsuka’s CNS portfolio.

The site’s language was later altered in some parts, so that the tool could be used for a host of different audiences and applications, including:

  • Internal training
  • Sales training
  • Thought leaders
  • Speakers within Otsuka-sponsored non-branded programs
  • Professors aiming to educate students

The benefit of this application is the highly interactive element that makes the software extremely engaging to a broad audience. The software is easy to navigate and follow, allowing the user to explore the range of neurological diseases and how they are linked. Furthermore, the search function tool allows the user to delve into greater detail based solely on a single search term.

This interactive microsite has won 3 global industry awards.

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