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This Bio-Rad experience provides an interactive virtual demonstration of the ZE5™ Cell Analyzer Flow Cytometer and S3e™ Cell Sorter by converting the AR experience we previously created for these devices to a web-based format. The demos will give the user a 3D view of the device, where they can rotate the instruments for a 360-degree view and dissect to see inside and, through text and animations, find out further information on their inner workings.

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Medical Device Interactive Experience

This web application illustrates the machinery in impressive detail, showcasing the components, workings, and functions of each device including sample loading and processing, the optical system, software, quality control and maintenance, and device configuration.

Our unique in-house team of 3D artists, interactive developers, and scientists worked collaboratively to bring these devices to life in an engaging and scientifically accurate format. The experience runs directly on a web browser and was developed to enable the client to easily showcase the machines in a captivating and visually impactful way in remote situations. In addition, the Bio-Rad team were able to show the benefits of the products in a sophisticated manner, without having to bring the physical devices into the laboratory. The team were subsequently able to showcase the devices via online meetings and video conference calls when face-to-face meetings were not feasible.

Interactive 360 Device Viewer designed by Random42

The interactive application is housed on a sub-domain of the Bio-Rad website which has no barriers to entry, meaning a link can simply be sent to thousands of healthcare professionals (HCPs) for them to experience the interactive app in the comfort of their homes.

Additional standalone iPad (iOS) and executable (.exe) versions of the web experience were developed for use at live conferences and in the field, creating content that can be optimized for use across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Users simply follow the web link to explore the cutting-edge device visuals and to discover the internal mechanisms of the machines and how they fit into a real lab setting. The web applet is easy to navigate and provides in-depth knowledge and analysis of the instruments.

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