Maximize Your Return on Investment (ROI) with Medical Animation

7th August 2023 Industry Insights

At Random42, we create high-quality visuals that can be utilized across multiple channels to support investor relations, corporate communications, and other marketing activities, providing both brand consistency and a huge ROI.

3D animation is an increasingly popular tool used for scientific storytelling and product visualization. Mechanism of action (MoA) and mechanism of disease (MoD) animations are attractive options for pharma and biotech companies. They bring science to life, making challenging medical concepts clear, concise, and engaging. Animations can be targeted to a variety of audiences by adopting specific language and terminologies aligned to the viewer. The possibility to tailor an animation to a range of different audiencesallows for content to be utilized across all pipeline phases of a medical product or device.

Videos and interactive content have a considerable effect on the growth of a business; whether that is for sales, marketing, investor relations, or, tailored for a variety of stakeholders. Additionally, digital materials can be leveraged across various marketing initiatives and platforms and provide the longevity needed to make them an investment for your current and future needs.

Abbvie interactive microsite designed by Random42

How to Utilize a Medical Animation?


Our animation assets can be developed for various uses, providing flexibility on your initial asset. Medical animation can be used at each stage of the product development lifecycle as well as for broader corporate communication purposes. In addition, an animation can have a multitude of end uses, from conferences and events to digital marketing.

3D animation can have a significant impact on slide decks and presentations, increasing engagement levels and understanding. Visual toolkits inclusive of stills and short clips of content can be taken from the animation, making excellent website and social media assets, providing brand consistency throughout platforms.

Utilizing Your Medical Animation


  • Conferences, Trade Shows, and Events
  • Slide Decks, Presentations, and Meetings
  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Assets
  • Social Media Assets
  • Public Relations
  • HCP Education
  • Patient Education
  • Launch Assets
  • Sales Tools

Digital Solutions to Engage Your Audience


Medical animation can be targeted to a wide variety of stakeholders. Investors, healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients, and scientists are just some of the popular audiences for our animations. In the biotechnology sector, medical animation is an extremely popular tool for communicating with potential investors, especially at early trial phases, with securing successful investment creating a strong ROI.

HCP education and product sales are both key for the pharma and biotech industries. Animation, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) help boost pharma sales with HCPs. Visual aids, in particular those with an interactive element, allow sales representatives and Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) to have a lasting impact on HCPs. They enable the science to be communicated accurately and efficiently, with key details worked into the experience so they no longer have to be reeled off in a traditional pitch. In such a competitive environment, every second counts, and a sales rep needs to create a lasting impact.

Diagram of MSL VR App

Compared with classic sales aids, the use of a VR experience increased the amount of time the sales representative had with a healthcare professional by 200%.  An incredible breakthrough for the industry. AR is also having a notable effect on HCPs, with a recent study finding that over 50% of physicians would want to use AR to learn about new diseases and treatments.

The services we offer allow animations to be repurposed into interactive assets, offering a full set of tools for Biotech companies to put to use, significantly increasing time with HCPsand, in turn, improving ROI.

Captivate Your Viewers


When it comes to medical animation, the possibility to re-use assets and leverage them for alternative uses makes them a valuable investment. An animation created at phase I trials can be repurposed down the line, not only for a different audience but for interactive purposes such as at a conference or event with VR headsets.

Client feedback from previous projects showcases an overwhelming positive response to animations at conference booths, on websites, and on social media. One of our clients said their medical animation had a 60% video completion rate, a much higher rate compared to their other content.

Visual learning and education are critical for engagement, memory, and understanding. Research shows 3D animation holds the viewer’s attention and aids information retention, with 4 in 5 people declaring digital video helps them learn new things. Additionally, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text.

At an event or conference, the use of digital assets, from animation to AR or VR, can boost engagement levels and captivate the spectator. This ability to gain the viewer’s attention increases the prospect of sales, relationship building, and investor/HCP interest.

Medical Animation for Conferences

A medical animation is an excellent tool for driving footfall to a conference booth or even to engage an audience during a presentation. Engrossing an audience is key to gaining interest and understanding, which can subsequently boost ROI when reaching the right people. The success of drawing attention and traffic to your trade show booth is improved with the use of 3D animation.

Stunning 3D visuals stand out at a conference, attracting people and keeping them engaged with high-quality graphics and easy-to-digest scientific storytelling. In addition, videos with impressive graphics provide an opportunity to connect with attendees, opening up for discussions and curiosity, whilst elevating your brand, product, or concept.

Leveraging 3D Assets to Maximise ROI


The beauty of 3D animation is that 3D assets are exceptionally versatile for a range of outputs, for example, once a trade show is over and your booth is disassembled, you can keep the engagement going online by utilizing your assets on your website or on socials. After commissioning an animation, a complimentary visual toolkit will also be developed, including eye-catching 3D images, an animation shot, and short clips.

Our visual toolkit provides clients with the ability to maximize the value of a single animation across multiple platforms, leveraging the assets in a variety of ways so they can be inserted into a slide kit, sales aid or for social media purposes, or even aimed at different target audiences.

The multi-purpose animation services we offer are key to growing your ROI. Sharing animation graphics, 3D imagery, and visual content on your website or social media or including them on ad campaigns is a great way to improve brand awareness and continue interest after an event. In addition, visuals can accompany any press releases and media coverageafter an event adding to the longevity of your assets.

3D model of molecules designed by Random42 3D model of bone marrow designed by Random42 Scientific_Animation_Random42

An animation we created for a leading Biotech generated a large amount of traffic and interest at the conference booth it was created for. After the conference, it was successfully utilized on all of their social media channels, generating 200,000 views on YouTube, improving their visibility and social following. The reputation and quality of the animation resulted in it winning an industry award.

Increasing Website Traffic and Social Media Activity


Creating a scientific animation is invaluable for online sales, marketing, and branding. Animation is a great way to boost traffic to your website.  Websites that include video are 53 times more likely to be found on search engines, and the average time a person will stay on a website increases from 8 seconds to 2 minutes if the website has a video on it.

Social media is also driven by creativity and innovative visual displays. Whether sharing an animation video or still images, the visual impact these have is outstanding, generating far greater curiosity and interest than text-only content.

On average, people spend at least 100 minutes every day watching online videos; therefore leveraging animation content for use on websites and social channels is a great way to make the most of your assets and increase your return on investment.

Animation for Increased Website Traffic

A biopharmaceutical client had a record high of 13,000 visitors to their website in a single month, with over a third of these users visiting the MoA webpage where our animation was hosted.

The same animation was extremely successful on social media, being their most viewed video and most shared social post to date.

Medical animation for the biotech and pharma industries is a great investment tool, providing longevity, as assets can be utilized for various target audiences, pipeline phases, and end-uses. Like any good investment, an animation adds value to your campaigns and activities, helping to generate profit for your business.

Animation and 3D assets can be used to educate and engage your key stakeholders, prepare the market ahead of product launch or, promote a novel treatment. Commissioning an animation can result in an increased likelihood of obtaining funding, improved understanding/awareness, or, can it help to grasp the viewer’s interest/attention, ultimately improving ROI.

The possibilities of animation are endless, and we are constantly exploring new prospects of medical animation in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Year-on-year technology and software advances, paving the way for more detailed, high-quality videos that can also be used within interactive experiences. Combining such technology with our team of digital experts is a key part of keeping pace with the current digital revolution.


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