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QUTENZA® is indicated in adults for treating neuropathic pain associated with postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) or diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) of the feet. This matrix system technology delivers concentrated capsaicin at the source of the pain by directly targeting TRPV1-expressing fibers to suspend pain signals to the brain and hence provide sustained pain relief.

neuropathic pain medical animation

We created this mechanism of action (MoA) animation for Averitas Pharma to illustrate how this product works by combining a unique MoA and matrix system technology.

The animation introduces the main character, who struggles to walk due to neuropathic pain, giving further insight into how this treatment relieves pain, resulting in improved walking by the end of the animation. This educational resource uses high-science imagery to convey this story, bringing the science to life and making it clear, concise and engaging.

neuropathic pain scientific animation

Hosted on the QUTENZA® website for US healthcare professionals, the MoA is embedded as an autoplay video to allow the viewer to learn more. Imagery from the animation is also found on the site as part of an infographic, highlighting key scientific concepts.

The asset has been fully utilized for a variety of initiatives, including resources for the field team and Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), slide decks and congress symposium materials. Animation assets have also been leveraged in information resources relating to the MoA, helping create a cohesive brand identity.

neuropathic pain medical animation

‘‘The Random42 team has been a wonderful partner in the creation of our MOA video. They’ve been supportive of the entire project from start to finish, and the video turned out beautifully; it’s truly a work of art! Since the deployment of the MOA video (last month), it has been integrated into 10 of our educational resources – everything from our website, resources for the field team, peer-to-peer educational slide decks, congress symposium materials and MSL information. There’s been a high demand for adding the video and images to all of our resources that include information about the MOA! The Random42 team brought our vision to life, and the video helps enhance education surrounding our product.’’

Medical Communications Lead (or – Medical Affairs Leadership), Averitas – A Grünenthal Company

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