Canine Allergy Animation


Zoetis’ APOQUEL is the first medicine designed to target the itch and inflammation associated with canine allergic conditions such as flea allergy or contact allergy. It works by selectively inhibiting the pathways involved in sending itch signals to the brain, significantly reducing itching behaviour in affected dogs. It also blocks the signals involved in inflammation in the skin of the dog, resulting in decreased redness and itching.

We created a mechanism of action (MoA) animation showing the effects of APOQUEL on canine allergic itch and inflammation at a molecular level. This demonstrates how APOQUEL works differently to steroids, thus preventing the side effects associated with steroids and improving the quality of life of the affected dog.

The animation appears on the Zoetis APOQUEL product page, where it is used to educate animal health care providers about the benefits of treating canine allergic itch and inflammation with APOQUEL.

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