Spinal fusion surgery scientific animation

Spinal Fusion Surgery Animation

Scientific Animation


Vallum’s nanotextured PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), PEEKplus® is a disruptive breakthrough innovation in spinal fusion surgery and the first and only FDA-cleared Nanotexture on PEEK interbody fusion devices.

our approach

Nanotextured surfaces, like PEEKplus®, are known to improve osseointegration. Vallum’s Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) process superimposes 20-50 nanometer concavities directly into the surface of PEEK. The objective of the animation was to clearly demonstrate the effect of ANAB processing technology on PEEK at the micro and nanoscale and visually communicate how the cavities created in PEEK promote osseointegration.

The animation has been embedded within Vallum’s website homepage, with assets from the animation utilized for banner imagery throughout the website, giving a consistent visual brand identity.

“The presentation was dramatically enhanced by the video, which looked fantastic on the big screen. Thank you and the entire Random42 team for your excellent work and for getting the final edition to me in time for the conference. All very much appreciated!”

President and CEO, Vallum Corporation

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