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The Coronavirus Outbreak Animation

Scientific Animation


This animation was produced to help educate viewers about the COVID-19 outbreak and to visually convey the virus itself, the mechanism of disease, the symptoms, and preventative measures.


3D model of covid virus designed by Random42

At Random42 we believe it is crucial to dispel myths and assert the basic facts on the novel Coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2. This storytelling format brings intricate and highly complex messages to life, allowing the viewer to gain a deeper understanding of the science behind the Coronavirus.

The objective of this project was to produce an animation that effectively portrayed the properties, symptoms, and preventative measures of the Coronavirus, as prior to this, there were no animations in the public domain illustrating the virus to this level of detail. The animation was produced just as the virus was beginning to impact the UK, as we felt there were no other animations currently available to educate and spread awareness of the science behind the virus.

Random42 YouTube page

The main goal of this project was to educate those in the wider, global community on the Coronavirus outbreak. As a world leader in the scientific animation space, we felt we had a responsibility to convey the science behind this global pandemic in a way that was both engaging and easy to understand. We wanted to enable people of all backgrounds to understand the mechanisms of this disease and how to stop it from spreading. We allowed our video to be used by anyone who requested it, to aid widespread education related to the Coronavirus outbreak.

We are proud to say that our animation was available publicly online on our website and YouTube channel from the 27th of February. The video went “viral” on our YouTube page reaching just shy of 2 million views within 2 months of release and was by far our highest viewed animation to date.

The number of subscribers to our YouTube channel jumped after our animation was posted, jumping from 3.8K subscribers before our video went live to our current total of 18.6K subscribers.


The animation has been featured in various news programmes and short documentaries, from global news programmes such as Al Jazeera to regional programmes in Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Unexpectedly, we also had many requests from small business owners and teachers requesting to use the video to help educate their workforce and students. These requests came from all over the world, and many asked to translate the voice-over to another language to aid understanding.

The Coronavirus Outbreak animation has won 5 global industry awards.

View the full animation below.

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