Antiviral Platform Medical Animation

Antiviral Platform Animation

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We produced this medical animation for Cidara Therapeutics to explore their Cloudbreak® antiviral platform which is a fundamentally new approach to treating and preventing viral infections.

3D model of NK cells designed by Random42


This mechanism of action (MoA) animation explores this technology platform and its revolutionary approach in the fight against life-threatening infectious diseases. Antiviral Fc-Conjugates (AVCs) are a new class of drugs developed from Cidara’s Cloudbreak® antiviral platform.

AVCs have the potential to prevent as well as treat influenza and other life-threatening viral diseases such as those caused by RSV, HIV, and other viral infections. These long-acting AVCs directly prevent viral proliferation whilst simultaneously engaging the immune system, maximizing viral clearance.

3D model of sialic acid designed by Random42

This animation was created for use as part of Cidara’s Investor Relations activities in order to educate potential investors on the science of this platform. Imagery and short clips from the animation have been utilized throughout their corporate presentations.

The video has been embedded onto the Cidara Therapeutics website as well as the Cidara YouTube Channel. Imagery from the animation is also found throughout the website, including an annotated image of AVC binding.

View full animation below.

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