3D model of a T cell therapy designed by Random42

Gamma Delta T-Cell Therapy Animation

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GammaDelta Therapeutics uses the unique properties of Gamma delta T-cells to combat cancer and improve outcomes for patients. Their innovative approach to cancer immunotherapy using Gamma delta T-cells aims to increase the survival of patients with hematological malignancies and solid tumors.

our approach

We produced this animation for GammaDelta Therapeutics to explore Gamma delta T-cells and their ability to kill cancers. The animation captures the unique and powerful characteristics of Gamma delta T-cells and their use in allogeneic therapy to target tumor cells without harming healthy cells. The animation visually illustrates the science behind Gamma delta T-cells and how they play an important role in anti-tumor responses by triggering an adaptive immune response that can eradicate cancerous cells. The different mechanisms by which this occurs are explored within this animation.

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