Animal Feed Animation


DSM and Novozymes aimed to meet the challenges of the poultry industry to feed a growing population, whilst still being able to maintain profitability. Together they created the feed additive BalanciusTM, to improve the gastrointestinal function of broilers so that they can get more nutrients from their feed.

The mechanism of action (MoA) animation created for BalanciusTM reveals how the unique technology hydrolyses peptidoglycan from bacterial cell debris in the intestines, optimising nutrient digestibility and absorption. In doing so, it demonstrates how DSM and Novozymes have created a product that provides big results at little cost to the consumer, helping to bring the product successfully to market.

The animation appears on DSM’s BalanciusTM product page to educate poultry farmers on the benefits of BalanciusTM on feed conversion ratios of their broilers. A VR experience of the animation was also developed, showing that DSM utilize innovative technologies in all aspects of their work.

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