Autologous Cellular therapy Animation

Autologous Cellular Therapy Animation

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Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics’ NurOwn® technology platform focuses on life-changing autologous cellular therapies to treat debilitating neurodegenerative diseases, particularly in Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Their approach to tackling these diseases uses an innovative cellular therapy approach, ultimately aiming to slow or stabilize disease progression.

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Random42 produced this scientific animation for Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics to explore their pioneering autologous cellular technology platform (NurOwn®), bringing the science behind this treatment to life using eye-catching and engaging visuals. This animation takes the viewer on a unique journey, exploring ALS pathology, MSC-NTF cell therapy, exosome technology, and NurOwn® treatment in action. The animation also provides insight into the patient experience whilst receiving treatment.

This animation is hosted on the Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics website. Imagery from the animation is also utilized across the site, including the homepage, providing brand consistency throughout.

“The quality of the work produced by Random42 sets them apart and helps us quickly tell our scientific story more clearly. The high-quality production value is bolstered by their depth of knowledge. Together, that helps us tell the story of a complex disease and cell-based treatment and make it understandable to professionals and laypeople alike.”

CEO, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics

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