immunotherapy technology animation

Immunotherapy Technology Animation

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Batu Biologics’ ValloVax technology stimulates the immune system to target multiple apoptotic pathways, slowing the angiogenic process within cancer. The proprietary immunotherapy aims to starve the tumor by training your immune system to target tumor-associated blood vessels.

our approach

The Mechanism of Action (MoA) animation was created to highlight this less toxic and more effective therapeutic option for the treatment of cancer.

Batu have fully utilized the visual toolkits we provide to solidify their brand identity across multiple platforms. The full animation is the main feature of their website homepage, bringing their science to life.

Several shorter clips of animation reside within their corporate introductory video and within the Batu blog series on YouTube named ‘Starve the Tumor’. Stills from the animation also serve as the backdrop for key website pages such as their therapeutic pipeline, unifying the brand throughout.

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