Unifying Your Brand with Core Science Imagery


Corporate Communications: Revitalize Your Visual Brand

Random42 have worked extensively with corporate communications teams at AstraZeneca to promote the company, in its entirety, to investors, scientists and HCPs.

Examples of this work include a series of animations for their R&D pipeline, which support the focus areas and serve as visual brand identity images utilized throughout the corporate website and press activities.

The focus of this strategy was to emphasize the richness of AstraZeneca’s pipeline, ultimately achieving an increase in stock value.


scientific website assets
Core science imagery screen

Reutilization of Assets Throughout Your Campaign

Previous assets created for AstraZeneca by Random42 have been leveraged throughout their digital channels, including within their digital brochure which is housed on the AZ corporate website.

The brochure introduces the AZ IMED Biotech Unit and uses the scientific imagery assets to create an underlying consistent brand identity for the IMED Biotech Unit, bringing the future potential of AstraZeneca’s drug discovery pipeline to life.

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