Antibody Discovery Platform Animation

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Using striking 3D visuals, this scientific animation explores Bio-Rad Laboratories’ TrailBlazer™ Antibody platform, an antibody discovery service specifically designed to support the development of biologic candidates suitable for drug development.

antibody discovery platform medical animation

The animation introduces their SpyTag-SpyCatcher technology and how it has been incorporated into their HuCAL® recombinant antibody generation service to produce TrailBlazer™ Antibodies.

Hosted on, this video has been embedded to enable the viewer to discover how antibody phage display and SpyTag technology have been combined to make TrailBlazer™ Antibodies in a clear, concise and eye-catching format.


Shorter, bite-sized sections of animation have also been created, intended for use by sales representatives, with the content tailored for presentation to potential clients and healthcare professionals, helping to explain the science and creating a strong brand identity throughout their presentation materials.

Furthermore, the animation has been re-used for a Bio-Rad conference booth, with graphics from the animation re-rendered at 8k resolution to be utilized for their 10ft x 10ft booth display.


View full animation below.

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