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Immunotherapy Platform Animation

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Immunomic Therapeutics is at the forefront of developing investigational technologies that could revolutionize immunotherapy applications for cancer, allergies, and animal health. With a primary focus on novel cancer drugs, they aim to accelerate their immuno-oncology platform, incorporating antigen-derived antibodies as biologics for various applications.

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This animation showcases the UNITE® platform’s potential benefits in triggering a broad immune response against infectious diseases and cancer. Using striking, colorful 3D visuals, the animation explains the innate and adaptive immune systems, the role of antigen-presenting cells (APCs) in activating immune responses, and the activation of CD8+T cells to destroy cancer cells.

Furthermore, it highlights how UNITE® vaccines utilize lysosomal-associated membrane protein technology to direct APCs and present specific antigens, potentially serving as both preventive and therapeutic treatments for infections and cancer.

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The animation is featured on the homepage of the Immunomic Therapeutics website, embedded in the ‘About the UNITE® platform’ section, accompanied by a series of short looping clips forming a scrolling video banner. Full-screen looping video content extracted from the animation illuminates the top of the homepage, creating a powerful first impression for visitors to their corporate site.

Still Imagery provided as part of the complimentary visual toolkit, has been utilized as an image banner on their ‘Pipeline’ page, as well as on their LinkedIn social media posts. A Korean version of this animation was also created.

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“Collaborating on the script and animation showcasing vaccine immunotherapy for Immunomic Therapeutics’ UNITE® platform was an enlightening experience. Random42’s dedication to accuracy and creativity was evident in every frame, seamlessly weaving together the scientific intricacies into a visually stunning narrative. Their ability to translate complex scientific concepts into an engaging and comprehensible animation is truly commendable. The final product not only showcased their technical expertise but also their commitment to delivering impactful storytelling. Random42 undoubtedly stands as a paragon in the field of scientific animation, setting a standard of excellence that’s truly unmatched.”

Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc.

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