Immunoproteasome Animation

Scientific Animation | Investor Presentations and Activities


This animation for Kezar Life Sciences provides a comprehensive and engaging visual explanation of the normal function, disease state, and mechanism of action (MoA) of KZR-616 so that the appropriate target audiences can clearly understand the science and subsequent beneficial outcomes.

our approach

Kezar Life Sciences successfully utilized the complimentary visual toolkit, developing core brand imagery from the animation for investor strategy, creating cohesive visuals, and building a strong brand identity.

The consistent imagery throughout Kezar’s slide decks, handouts, and presentations gives a professional look and feel and ties in key scientific messages from the animation.

The animation was created for use at industry trade shows and conferences, for corporate fundraising events and investor relations.

The video can currently be found on the immunoproteasome section of the Kezar Life Sciences website and visual assets utilized throughout their 2019 Investor Presentation.

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