Mass Cytometry Animation

Scientific Animation


CyTOF XT™ is the most technologically advanced mass cytometer to date. It is designed to build on the benefits of mass cytometry technology whilst streamlining operation and automating sample acquisition for the best-timed results and reproducibility from every run.

our approach

This mechanism of action (MoA) animation was created to visually convey the science behind Fluidigm’s apparatus, exploring the key features of their CyTOF™ technology and the CyTOF XT™. The animation uses stunning, eye-catching visuals to give the viewer a closer look at the CyTOF XT™ machine.

This scientific animation can be found on the Fluidigm website on the CyTOF XT™ product page, highlighting the advantages of this technology.

Stills from the animation can be found throughout the webpage, as well as on the homepage main scroll banner, helping build a clear and strong brand identity.

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