Natural Killer Cell Technology Animation

Natural Killer Cell Technology Animation

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The purpose of this animation is to educate viewers on Cytovia Therapeutics’ Natural Killer (NK) Cell Technology, discovering how they are harnessing the innate immune system with complementary and disruptive NK-cell and NK-engager antibody platforms.

NK therapy medical animation

The chapters take the viewer on the journey of the technology, starting with the manufacturing process of NK cells from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The story then moves on to gene editing and how gene-edited iNK cells are developed. The remaining chapters cover Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs), master cell bank creation, cell bank differentiation and expansion, Flex-NK™ Cell Engagers, and finally, a summary scene of the NK revolution and Cytovia’s work against cancer and towards a cure.

Natural Killer Cell Technology Animation

Using vibrant, high-quality visuals the story of NK cells and their potential as cancer-combating therapies are brought to life in 3D. The animation was commissioned to support Cytovia’s investor relations activities, ensuring potential investors could understand and visualize the science behind this concept.

The video is embedded on the homepage of Cytovia Therapeutics’ website. The video is also featured on their YouTube channel.

Cancer Technology Scientific Animation

2D assets and imagery from the animation have been incorporated on Cytovia’s corporate website. Looping clips, video banners, and animation stills can be seen across the entire website, creating a consistent brand identity. Imagery is displayed throughout the ‘Our Technology’ page, illustrating each step of the journey to develop these therapies.

In addition, the animation has been used to enhance Cytovia’s social media activity, with the video being shared on Linkedin to allow viewers to learn more about what Cytovia does and the science behind their therapies.


View the full animation below.

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