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DNA-Encoded Libraries Animation

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Amgen Research Copenhagen (ARC) synthesizes DNA-encoded small molecules and screens them for activity against targets. This medical animation explores their DNA-encoded library platform and its use to tackle a broader range of “undruggable” targets known to drive serious diseases in multiple therapeutic areas.

dna encoded libraries scientific animation

The animation covers the customization of DNA-encoded libraries (DEL), the diversity of the technology, DNA tagging, and the potential for a broader revolution in induced-proximity inhibition modalities beyond PROteolysis TArgeting Chimeras (PROTACs). Using striking 3D visuals, the animation is tailored to explain the science to a general audience, carefully and concisely communicating key scientific concepts.

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This educational video has been shared on Amgen’s LinkedIn and YouTube channels to spread awareness of the science behind this advancement in drug discovery.

Imagery from the animation has been utilized across the Amgen Stories article ‘DNA-Encoded Libraries Will Drive Drug Design’, and the video has been incorporated on the Amgen ‘Research Development Innovation Strategy Europe’ webpage.


View full animation below.

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