Irreversible Electrophoration Scientific Animation

Irreversible Electroporation Animation

Scientific Animation


The NanoKnife® system utilizes the power of irreversible electroporation (IRE). NanoKnife® technology uses this power to destroy diseased tissue.

Electroporation Medical Device Animation

Two or more needle electrodes are positioned in or around the diseased tissue in order for high-voltage pulses to be delivered to the tissue, creating nanopores within the cell membrane. This stimulus causes apoptosis in the targeted cells, causing ablation of the diseased tissue.

The mechanism of action (MoA) animation explores how this medical device allows for the tailored treatment of diseased soft tissue through surgical ablation.

The animation can be found on the NanoKnife® product website and is featured on the technology page of the site.

Stills from the animation have been utilized across the NanoKnife® website and on the product page of the AngioDynamics website.

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