RNA interference animation

RNA Interference Animation

Scientific Animation


This animation was created for Alnylam Pharmaceuticals as they led the translation of RNAi (RNA interference) from Nobel Prize-winning discovery into an innovative, entirely new class of medicines.

Alnylam’s vision is to harness the potential of RNAi therapeutics to transform the lives of people living with diseases for which there are limited or inadequate treatment options. Their pioneering work has delivered the world’s first and only approved RNAi therapeutics and they are advancing a deep pipeline of innovative RNAi-based medicines in four therapeutic areas: genetic medicines, cardio-metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, and central nervous system (CNS) and ocular diseases.

This asset is primarily used to educate healthcare professionals on the complicated MoA of RNAi therapeutics and how they act on a multitude of disease areas.

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