Aspirin MoA Animation


Aspirin is an internal analgesic available as an over-the-counter (OTC) medicine that temporarily relieves minor aches and pains and reduces fevers. Aspirin can also be prescribed to people with heart and circulatory disease to help prevent blood clots.

We created this consumer animation for the British Heart Foundation to educate patients on the mechanism of action of aspirin, and to show the important role aspirin plays inside the human body.

This medical animation was produced at a documentary pace using eye-catching scientific visuals to create an animation that is easy to follow and understand. The target audience being patients and consumers who want to learn more about the effects and workings of aspirin.

The animation is housed on the British Heart Foundation website, within their ‘Heart Matters Magazine’, an online magazine created to help people at risk from heart and circulatory disease and those who care for them. The video is embedded into an article about aspirin, ‘What is aspirin and what does it do in your body?’. The animation can also be found on the British Heart Foundation YouTube Channel.

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‘‘Extremely happy, everybody was great on the team. They answered all our questions and made it look easy. The end result is perfect.

Executive Coordinator, Cellectar Biosciences


‘‘The presentation was dramatically enhanced by the video, which looked fantastic on the big screen. Thank you and the entire Random42 team for your excellent work and for getting the final edition to me in time for the conference. All very much appreciated!

President and CEO, Vallum Corporation


‘‘The quality of the work produced by Random42 sets them apart and helps us quickly tell our scientific story more clearly. The high-quality production value is bolstered by their depth of knowledge. Together, that helps us tell the story of a complex disease and cell-based treatment and make it understandable to professionals and laypeople alike.’’

CEO, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics

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‘‘Working with the Random42 team was a seamless collaboration, where they exhibited great project management skills, clear & thoughtful communication, and delivered high-quality work that was visually appealing. Our team was impressed with the final products!’’

Medical Affairs, Phathom Pharmaceuticals