Stem Cell Transplant Animation

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Vor Bio is working towards a new solution to treating blood cancers through hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) biology, genome engineering, and cancer immunology. This medical animation focuses on their approach to engineered stem cell transplants in oncology.

stem cell transplant oncology animation

The animation explores key components of the Vor Bio platform, illustrating how the technology’s goal is to replace the patient’s HSCs with next-generation, treatment-resistant engineered HSCs (eHSCs) that unlock the potential of highly potent targeted therapies. A key focus of the animation is the platform’s ability to remove target expression on healthy cells so that killing is cancer-specific.

Targeted at investors, the animation explains the science behind this platform in a clear and concise way ensuring key scientific messages are relayed to potential stakeholders. A separate script and voice-over were also produced, providing Vor Bio with a high-science version aimed at physicians attending congresses and meetings.

blood cancer transplant animation

Hosted on the Vor Bio website, the video is embedded on ‘The Concept’ page, where users can learn more about Vor Bio’s investigational treatment approach and science. The animation is comprised of purple toned visuals that reflect the company’s branding colours. The use of a consistent colour palette and graphics helps to create a strong visual identity that resonates with viewers.


View full animation below.

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