3D model of herpes virus designed by Random42

Animation Assets for Websites

At Random42, we offer a unique range of digital solutions to support company or product websites. Our award-winning digital assets are created in-house by our team of PhD-qualified scientists, animators, and developers, who collaborate to effortlessly intertwine the worlds of science, art, and technology.

creating AN engaging website

We have worked extensively with biotech and pharma companies, developing assets for websites and microsites that meet the very restrictive standards set by the industry. Our expert team is well-equipped to produce scientifically accurate and engaging website content to captivate all stakeholders, from key decision-makers to patients.

It is more important than ever to have a strong online presence, building brand awareness, reputation, and trust. The use of scientific animation is instrumental in improving website user experience and will aid understanding, attract users, and increase conversions.

Our medical animations use eye-catching visuals and concise scientific storytelling to beautifully explain complex processes and mechanisms. These animations can bring your website to life, explaining the science behind drugs and diseases without the need for text-heavy content.

Random42 Complimentary Animation Visual Toolkit

A complimentary visual toolkit is also developed, including:

  • Eye-catching 3D images rendered on a clear transparent background for integration into PowerPoint slide decks or for other print materials (such as backdrops for booths)
  • Shots from the animation rendered at HD 1920x1080p
  • Short clips around 10 seconds in length are exported so they can be inserted into a slide kit, sales aid, or for social media purposes
  • Looping clips for use on websites and social media channels
  • Social media banners
Biotech Animation for Websites

Once an animation has been created, it can be utilized for a range of different website focused applications:

  • Looping video banners
  • Schematics
  • Short video clips
  • Animation stills
  • Imagery
Animation for Biotech Websites

Hosting an animation and extracted imagery on your website helps to:

  • Build a consistent brand identity
  • Create a cohesive marketing campaign
  • Give your site a professional look and feel
  • Develop brand credibility
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Increase traffic to your website

working with your brand

At Random42, our talented in-house team of PhD-level scientists and animators create bespoke content in line with your internal style guidelines. This ensures your brand identity is recognizable and consistent with your messaging, logos, and marketing efforts, building trusted and familiar content across multiple channels and platforms.

We can support all phases of your pipeline by creating different versions of the animation, to reflect the change in target audience. Altering the language allows us to take a high science animation and create a lay version that is perfect for investors, or even patients, meaning a single animation can take your compound from clinical to commercial.


Cellectar logo

Extremely happy, everybody was great on the team. They answered all our questions and made it look easy. The end result is perfect.

Executive Coordinator, Cellectar Biosciences
Vallum Logo

The presentation was dramatically enhanced by the video, which looked fantastic on the big screen. Thank you and the entire Random42 team for your excellent work and for getting the final edition to me in time for the conference. All very much appreciated!

President and CEO, Vallum Corporation
Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Logo

The quality of the work produced by Random42 sets them apart and helps us quickly tell our scientific story more clearly. The high-quality production value is bolstered by their depth of knowledge. Together, that helps us tell the story of a complex disease and cell-based treatment and make it understandable to professionals and laypeople alike.

CEO, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics
Phathom Pharmaceuticals logo

Working with the Random42 team was a seamless collaboration, where they exhibited great project management skills, clear & thoughtful communication, and delivered high-quality work that was visually appealing. Our team was impressed with the final products!

Medical Affairs, Phathom Pharmaceuticals

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