Random42 Ben Ramsbottom

Ben Ramsbottom

Medical Director & CEO

BSc (Hons) Biology
The University of Manchester

PhD Molecular and Cell Biology
The University of Glasgow

Ben is a PhD molecular and cell biologist who has experience both within the pharmaceutical industry and within the publishing industry that serves it. For several years, he worked as an Editor of a publication that identified the latest discoveries in science which support drug discovery. This provided him with a broad background in almost all therapeutic areas relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to this, he has worked as a research scientist for AstraZeneca and The University of Glasgow. As the Medical Director at Random42, Ben writes scripts and provides continual scientific support for all projects, ensuring that they are scientifically correct and accurate.

Random42 Andy Kay

Andy Kay

Chief Financial Officer

BSc (Hons) Anatomical Science
The University of Bristol

Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW)

Andy is the CFO at Random42 and takes a very hands-on approach, not only in finance but also across several operational departments in the business. He has a broad financial background, including technical accounting, financial analysis and reporting, commercial finance and strategic planning.

Andy has worked in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry for a number of years, previously having worked at Marken, a UPS subsidiary, in central and commercial finance leadership roles. Prior to this, Andy spent almost 6 years at PwC, working with clients from their London and Vancouver offices.

In his spare time, Andy enjoys lots of exercise and spending time with family & friends.

Random42 Elly Spreckley

Elly Spreckley

Medical Director

BSc (Hons) Physiology and Pharmacology
The University of Manchester

PhD Neuroendocrinology
Imperial College London

Elly is a PhD neuroendocrinolgist with extensive in vivo experience researching the regulation of appetite by gut hormones. Previous to Random42, Elly had several reviews and research articles published, in addition to working as a scientific copy editor for oncology-based journals. This provided her with a broad background of research and writing experience relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. Since joining Random42 as a Scientific Account Director, Elly has enjoyed working across a wide range of therapeutic areas in script development and scientific project content.

Random42 Leo Chilcott

Leo Chilcott

Production Director

BA Computer Visualisation and Animation
Bournemouth University

Music Production
Academy of Contemporary Music

Since joining Random42 in 2010, Leo has seen the company through major stages of its development and growth. In those eight years he has progressed to the role of Production Director. As Production Director Leo is responsible for managing Random42’s team of artists, overseeing projects through every step of the production process and orchestrating pipeline development. He previously worked in music, producing tracks and SFX for the medcoms, television and games industries. His music experience includes co-writing and producing the soundtrack for the viral game ‘Surgeon Simulator’. At Random42, he marries his expertise in 3D graphics and music to ensure that all animations are visually and sonically cohesive.


Matthew Sugars

Creative Director

HND Technical Illustration and Visual Communications
Warwickshire College

C&G Photography
Warwickshire College

PTLLS Teacher training
Warwickshire College

Matthew has over 12 years of experience creating 3D animation and graphics for broadcasters such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 as well as The Discovery Channel and The History Channel. Matthew has worked on many high profile projects including several episodes of ‘Horizon’ for BBC and a major US adaptation of Brian Greene’s bestselling book ‘The Elegant Universe’. As well as a career in broadcast graphics he has also taught 3D animation and photography at a local college. Matthew is also a keen landscape photographer and has had his work exhibited. As Creative Director Matthew is responsible for leading the animation team and for co-ordinating the overall look for projects.

Random42 Jennifer Hunter

Jennifer Hunter

Senior Scientific Account Director

BSc (Hons) Genetics
University of Glasgow

PhD Epigenetics and Reprogramming
University of Edinburgh

Jennifer is responsible for developing scripts and providing scientific support for projects. Before making the move to London and Medical Communications, she spent over 2 years living and working with drosophila as a Post-Doc in Montpellier, in the south of France. Outside work she enjoys travelling, getting to the cinema/theatre and all things food-related.

Random42 Karolina Campbell

Karolina Campbell

Senior Scientific Account Manager

BSc (Hons) Physiology
University of Edinburgh

PhD Neuroscience
University of Edinburgh

Karolina is a PhD neuroscientist specialising in nervous system regeneration and neurodegenerative diseases. Before Random42, she worked as a researcher in laboratories in the UK and France, where in addition to experimental work, she enjoyed writing scientific publications and participating in science communication projects. At Random42 she is responsible for script development and providing scientific project support. In her spare time, Karolina enjoys climbing, rollerblading and painting.


Pooja Chudasama

Senior Scientific Account Manager

BSc (Hons) Cognitive Science
University of Westminster

MSc Neuroscience
King’s College London

PhD Neuroscience
King’s College London

Pooja is a PhD Neuroscientist whose research centred around elucidating the role of oestrogens in the brain. She spent 1 year of her PhD conducting research at the AstraZeneca-Tuft’s Laboratory for Translational Neuroscience in MA, USA and following this, undertook a post-doctoral position to investigate the beneficial role of oestrogens in Schizophrenia at King’s College London. With extensive laboratory experience specialising in cell culture, pharmacological, biochemical and imaging techniques, Pooja has also contributed to several published research papers. At Random42, Pooja develops scientific scripts and provides scientific project support across all therapeutic areas. Outside of work, she is a keen dancer, foodie, and traveller.

Random42 Varsha

Varsha Patel

Scientific Account Manager

BSc (Hons) Human Genetics
University College London

MSc Molecular Medicine
Imperial College London

MRes Biomedical and Translational Science
King’s College London

PhD Molecular Genetics
King’s College London

Varsha completed her PhD in Molecular Genetics at King’s College London. Her research focussed on investigating the effects of gene mutations in a rare type of leukaemia. Varsha has previously worked in academic research and has several research articles published. During her PhD, she became passionate about communicating complex biological mechanisms to a range of audiences, from scientists and clinicians at large international conferences to patients in the clinic. At Random42, Varsha is responsible for writing scientific scripts for different therapeutic areas. Outside of work, Varsha enjoys playing the flute, cooking and baking.


Tristan Varela

Scientific Account Manager

BSc Biochemistry
Imperial College London

MRes/PhD Developmental Neurobiology
King’s College London

MSc Science Media Production
Imperial College London

Tristan finished his PhD on cerebellar evolution and development at King’s College London and followed it up with a Masters in Science Media Production at Imperial College. After a few stints in scientific radio and multimedia, Tristan has made his way to Random42 where he is involved in scriptwriting and supporting projects across a range of biomedical fields. Outside of work, he can usually be found hunting for good food, watching movies, or plucking out a clumsy tune on the ukulele.

Mariette Odabashian Random42

Mariette Odabashian

Senior Scientific Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences
University of Southampton

PhD Haemato-Oncology
Queen Mary University, Barts Cancer Institute

Mariette completed her PhD at Barts Cancer Institute in London with her research centered around the genetic evolution of blood cancers. During her PhD she was able to attend several international conferences where she was able to present her work to scientists and clinicians in the Hematology field. Following her PhD she undertook a post-doctoral position that focused on the mechanism of checkpoint inhibitors in Leukemia. During her post-doctoral position, she contributed to several published research papers. Mariette’s role at Random42 includes developing scientific scripts and storyboards across a range of therapeutic areas. Outside of work her interests include baking, cooking, travelling, and going to the theatre.

Jordana Griffiths Random42

Jordana Griffiths

Senior Scientific Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science
University of Sussex

MRes Biomedical Science
University of Southampton

PhD Cancer Immunology
University of Southampton

Jordana completed her PhD in Cancer Immunology at the University of Southampton where she studied novel therapeutics which harnessed the power of the immune system to combat cancer. Following this she took up a postdoctoral position at Anthony Nolan researching how to improve stem cell transplants before making the move to Random42, here she is responsible for script development and providing scientific project support across all therapeutic areas. In her spare time, Jordana likes to get lost in a good book and go exploring for new places to eat.

Eseelle Hendow Random42

Eseelle Hendow

Senior Scientific Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Materials Science
The University of Manchester

MSc Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
University College London

PhD Cardiovascular Biomedicine and Regenerative Medicine
University College London

Eseelle completed her PhD in Cardiovascular Biomedicine funded by the British Heart Foundation at University College London. Her research focused on combining stem cell therapy with tissue engineering strategies to treat ischemic cardiovascular diseases. After her PhD she worked as a Research Fellow, focusing on developing a platelet therapy for use in emergency medicine settings. During her time in academia, Eseelle became passionate about communicating complex biological concepts to the public and developed this interest through public engagement and public health programmes. At Random42, Eseelle is involved in scriptwriting and provides scientific project support across all therapeutic areas. Outside of work Eseelle can be found searching for the best coffee and food, she also loves to cook and bake, watch movies and travel.

Random42 Emma James

Emma James

Scientific Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Pharmacology
University of Portsmouth

PhD Cell Biology
Queen Mary University of London

After completion of her BSc in Pharmacology, Emma spent some time working in the biotechnology industry before returning to academia. Emma was awarded a PhD in Cell Biology for her research on the use of metabolites as biomarkers of cellular senescence and went on to extend this work as a postdoctoral researcher, studying the relationship between markers of cellular senescence and human ageing phenotypes. Following this, she took a scientific role at a pharmaceutical company, where she predominantly worked on vaccine development. Now at Random42, Emma supports scientific projects, developing scientific scripts and storyboards across a range of therapeutic areas.  Outside of work, you will find her enjoying walks, gazing up at trees, and cooking/eating all the food.

Random42 Rena Liu

Rena Liu

Scientific Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Medical Biology
Edinburgh University

MRes in Biomedical Science
Southampton University

PhD in Cancer Immunology
Southampton University

Rena graduated from Edinburgh University, where she completed her BSc in Medical biology. She then went on to do an integrated MRes and PhD at Southampton University, where she studied the interactions between immune cells and therapeutic antibodies used for the treatment of cancer. Before joining Random42, Rena worked as a Senior Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline for a year and a half, helping to develop therapeutic antibodies for many disease areas. At Random42, Rena will be writing scripts and developing storyboards for projects that span across multiple different therapy areas. Outside of work, she loves playing badminton and cooking.

Random42 Anastasia Polydorou

Anastasia Polydorou

Scientific Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences and Anatomy
Cardiff University

MSc Tissue Engineering
Cardiff University

PhD Targeted Drug Delivery
University of Southampton

Anastasia completed her PhD in ultrasound stimulated targeted drug delivery at the University of Southampton, investigating the development of a novel drug delivery system using microbubbles and nanodroplets stimulated by ultrasound to deliver drugs to target sites. This work has generated several publications to which she has contributed. She has also had the opportunity to present her work at national and international conferences. Anastasia is passionate about communicating science to a wide range of audiences and has participated in several public engagement events such as Pint of Science, festivals, and school visits. At Random42, Anastasia is responsible for developing scientific scripts and storyboards across a range of therapeutic areas. Outside of work, Anastasia loves baking and spending time outdoors, hiking, or running!

Random42 Rosie Ugur

Rosie Ugur

Scientific Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Molecular Biology and Genetics
University of Hertfordshire

MPhil in Cell and Cancer Biology
University of Cambridge

PhD Cancer Biology
University of Cambridge

Rosie completed her PhD in cancer biology at the University of Cambridge. Her research focussed on generating cell-based models to screen mutations in triple-negative breast cancer and oesophageal squamous carcinoma. With experience in 3D primary cell culture and optical clearing techniques, covering the fields of both mammary gland biology and oesophageal epithelial cell biology, Rosie has contributed to several research papers from her previous laboratories. During her PhD, Rosie dedicated her free time to teaching roles, particularly within the context of widening participation at Cambridge. She also delivered talks to facilitate public engagement with cancer research. Through this work, she discovered a love of communicating scientific concepts to a wide range of audiences and joined Random42 shortly after completing her PhD. Outside of work, you’ll find her taking long walks with friends and exploring new places!


Cara Stewart

HR Director

CIPD Level 5 – Human Resources Management and Services

Cara joins Random42 as HR Director with 8 years’ varied HR experience across industries such as Financial Services, Telecoms and Engineering. Cara is CIPD Level 5 qualified and enjoys working as an HR Generalist because of the variety it offers and being able to provide an end to end HR service working with internal and external stakeholders. Outside of work, Cara spends most of her free time with her one year old or working on her house renovation. To relax she enjoys reading, catching up with friends and travelling both in the UK and abroad.

Random42 Sajida Chowdhury

Sajida Chowdhury

Office Manager

Sajida has three years of varied administration experience, she previously worked in the construction industry as an office administrator, her previous role was for Carillion. She has joined as an Office Manager here at Random42 as a new step in her career. In Sajida’s spare time, she likes to visit new places to eat and loves going to the cinema with her friends. She also likes to read fictional books when she has the time after work and during the weekends.

Random42 Leila Joyce

Leila Joyce

Account Executive

Leila is responsible for chasing and collecting the payments and debt within the business. She also assists on project work. Prior to working at Random42, Leila has worked in Accounts for the past nine years, so has an extensive knowledge of working within the Finance Department. She studied English Literature, and has a passion for reading and going to the theatre.

Random42 Alesya Zhilenkova

Alesya Zhilenkova

Financial Controller

Law LLB Honours
Sheffield Hallam University

Russian State University

Alesya joined Random42 as a Financial Controller. She has previous experience as a lawyer and completed her degree in Sheffield before moving back to her home city, Moscow, where she made the move from legal to the fashion industry. Whilst making the most of the fancy fashion, Alesya qualified as an accountant which has brought her back to the UK and to Random42 where she is able to utilise her background in both legal and finance. Outside of work, Alesya likes hiking, keeping fit and going to fashion events (5 years in the fashion industry made its mark). She is also a huge ice hockey fan.

Random 42 Tolga Ari

Tolga Ari

Production Director

MA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation

Tolga is a Production Director at Random42. He studied animation at Supinfocom, France, where he co-directed an award-winning animation short. Before joining Random42, Tolga worked at a creative studio specialised in the fields of design, commercial and visual arts but also spent over 5 years at a leading British visual effects and film production company. His filmography includes Oscar-winning ‘Ex Machina’, along with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Avengers’, ‘Spectre’ and more. Fascinated by science, Random42 is the right place to combine both of his passions.

Random42 Victor Rivera

Víctor Rivera

Senior Art Director

Bacherlor of Arts in Media Studies
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Digital Animation and Visual Effects Production Diploma
The Dave School (Orlando, USA)

Professional photography diploma
EFTI (Madrid)

Víctor joined Random42 as a 3D artist, coming from a previous working experience as 3D artist in the film industry. He began his career as an editor in television before he decided to dive into the 3D and VFX world. As an Art director, Victor leads the creation of an animation work, from its starting storyboard and look development stage to the final edit, based on a client’s needs regarding the marketing of their product. Outside of work he dedicates his time to some of his biggest passions: photography, animals and nature, concerts, travelling, and spending time with his closest people.

Random42 Nicola

Nicola Alexander

Art Director

3D Digital Animation
The University of Hertfordshire

Nicola has recently rejoined Random42 as an Art Director. She was previously with us from back in 2014 for 3 years before leaving in 2017 to work as a Lighting Technical Director within the film industry, some of the projects she worked on include, The Lion King, Fast & Furious, No Time To Die, Little Women. At Random42 Nicola is responsible for directing the creation of animations from storyboards, through to the final edit whilst taking into account, client needs, values and scientific accuracy. Outside of work, Nicola enjoys rock climbing, painting, gaming and films

Random42 ChunYou Sim

Chun You Sim

Technical Director

BA(Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation
Bournemouth University

Chun You has joined us all the way from Singapore. He has always enjoyed mathematics and physics, but also liked to dabble around with art and see “pretty stuff”. Chun You found that 3D Animation sparked his interest, and decided to come to Bournemouth where they taught both the aesthetic and technical aspects of 3D Animation, which he found really exciting. In his spare time, Chun You enjoys gaming, baking, sports and sleeping!

Random42 Liz Peach

Liz Peach

Lead Artist

BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts
Bournemouth University

Liz is originally from a small village in Buckinghamshire, she went on to study Computer Animation Arts at Bournemouth University. Having moved to London, Liz likes to spend her free time exploring the city, running and making “really good spaghetti”.

Random42 Simeon Ganev

Simeon Ganev

Art Director

BA (Hons) Visual Effects for Film and TV
University of Hertfordshire

Simeon studied at the University of Hertfordshire, graduating with first class honours in visual effects for film and TV. In his spare time he likes to further his knowledge in 3D and its surrounding disciplines including photography. Simeon also has a passion for music, enjoys going to the cinema, hitting the pub and reminding people that he can… read!

Random42 Tristan Garcia

Tristan Garcia

Lead Artist

BSc (Hons) 3D Animation
Bellecour Ecole Lyon

Tristan is from France, where he has lived all his life, until he joined Random42. He graduated in 3D Animation and has a professional background of two years with a studio based in Lyon, however, he decided to leave France to come to England to join his girlfriend and find a job to really kickstart his 3D career! Tristan has a passion for the 3D world, stating ‘every day since working in 3D, is not a working day at all’, he loves what he does and wants to learn more. In his spare time, he loves to explore things in 3D and work on personal projects. Tristan is also a gamer and enjoys discovering new places, walking and photography.

Random 42-Jiri-Valasek

Jiri Valasek 

Lead Artist

Electrotechnical Computer Systems
PSE Havirov

Jiri is originally from the Czech Republic but has now lived in the UK for eight years. He studied Electrotechnical Computer Systems in Havirov, Czech Republic, but later fell in love with 3D modelling and animation. Before working for Random42, Jiri was working as a freelance 3D Generalist. He has a big family back in the Czech Republic and loves to go back to visit. Jiri loves all the good stuff, like great music, tasty food and holidays in sunny countries. He also likes Thai boxing, hockey and squash.

Random42 Connor Kelley

Connor Kelley

Lead Artist

BSc (Hons) Digital film and 3D Animation Technology
Staffordshire University

Connor has always been inspired by Art, from primary through to secondary, followed by studying graphic design and illustration in college and then finally the big move to Staffordshire Uni to study 3D animation and VFX. In his spare time Connor loves spending quality time with family, friends and work colleagues, venturing to new places and being from Cornwall, obviously enjoys a good pasty. Connor also likes, trampolining which he discovered at University, along with exercising, scenic walks and of course relaxing with a good pc/console game at the end of the day.

Random42 Artur Pojo

Artur Pojo

Senior 3D Generalist

Graduation – Architecture
UNAMA Universidade da Amazonia

Post graduation – 3D Design
SENAC Sao Paulo

Artur graduated in Architecture and post graduated in 3D Graphics in Brazil. He came to London in 2013 and started working at a 3D printing company, which happened to send him to Random42 to deliver a 3D printer. When he arrived at the office, it was love at first sight (at least for Artur!). He found himself surrounded by beautiful medical images, that he didn’t even know what they were… but he wanted to do it too. “Lucky me, they hired me! I’ve been working as a 3D artist since” he says. Coming from a ‘hand tight’ architectural 3D visualization background, Artur was amazed by how Random42 allows employees to work freely, exploring the different skills on each artist.

Random42 Jourdain Graffie

Jourdain Graffie

Senior 3D Generalist

BSc (Hons) Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
Brunel University London

Jourdain was born in London and has lived there for most of his life. In his free time Jourdain’s interests include dancing, gaming and creating abstract 3D art.

Random42 Marcelo Rivoli Dantas

Marcelo Rivoli Dantas

Senior 3D Generalist

B.Des (Hons) Graphic Design
Centro Universitário da Cidade 

Marcelo is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he graduated in Graphic Design and worked in motion graphics for the most part of his career prior to moving to London in October of 2017. He has always enjoyed sci-fi and horror movies and his hobby is designing monsters using traditional techniques of sculpture and CGI. Marcelo is also a great Skydiving enthusiast.

Random42 Andreas Ioannou

Andreas Ioannou

Senior 3D Generalist

BSc (Hons) Multimedia and Graphic Arts
Cyprus University of Technology

Andreas graduated from Cyprus University of Technology, where he studied Multimedia and Graphic Arts. He moved to London on the night of his graduation ceremony back in 2015 and has lived there ever since. His interests include watching series, such as, Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead, as well as drawing or walking around with his camera taking pictures, and exploring London.

Random42 Harvey Castle

Harvey Castle

Senior 3D Generalist

Digital Animation BA (Hons)
University of Hertfordshire

Harvey joined our production team as a Junior 3D Artist. He has always been interested in art, from a young age, and eventually found himself wanting to make experimental abstract pieces in his spare time. In his spare time, he enjoys going on adventures with friends, the occasional book and playing lots and lots of video games.

Random42 Stefanie Chrysostomou

Stefanie Chrysostomou

Senior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation
Bournemouth University

MA Digital Effects
Bournemouth University 

Originally from Cyprus, Stefanie graduated from Bournemouth University, where she studied (BA) Computer Animation and Visualisation and MA Digital Effects. As a 3D Artist, her favourite part of the job is learning so many interesting scientific facts and the ability to visualize them creatively as well as working with great people who share similar interests. Stefanie’s biggest passions include VFX and Dance.

Random42 Panashe Ngowera

Panashe Micah Ngowera

Senior 3D Animator

BA (Hons) Animation for Film and Games
University of Hertfordshire

Pan studied Animation for Film and Games at The University of Hertfordshire, where he also coached gymnastics and was involved in the music society. Before starting work here at Random42, Pan was freelancing in graphic design and 3D animating/modelling. In his spare time, he enjoys doing an array of activities such as going to the gym, gymnastics, playing instruments, photography, personal projects and planning world domination! Just as per your average Joe.

Random42 Emma Le Good

Emma Le Good

Senior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art
University of Bournemouth

Emma studied computer animation arts at the University of Bournemouth. She has a background in film, TV, and advertising, working at companies including MPC and DNEG, with her last role working in TV as a Senior Artist. Outside of work, Emma’s interests include skiing, sailing in the sun, and baking brownies!

Random42 Lyubo Chavdarov

Lyubo Chavdarov

Senior Artist

BA (Hons) Visual Effects for Film and Television
University of Hertfordshire

Lyubo has recently joined us after gaining significant experience interning in a Visual Effects studio and a Design & Brand agency. He brings this experience to Random42 where he enjoys a variety of different projects you can work on as a 3D Generalist. Lyubo has a huge interest in anything that is computer-generated, he likes watching animated movies and going to the cinema, especially to see Marvel or Star Wars movies. In his free time, Lyubo likes going to the gym, watching football, going out with friends and being the tourist in London, and occasionally playing video games… He also likes petting cats, dogs and other lovely animals.


Daniel Thornton

Senior Animator

BSc (Hons) CGI & Digital Effects
Staffordshire University

Dan graduated from Staffordshire University with a first in CGI & Digital Effects. Ever since a young age, he has been aspiring to work in the animation industry, creating many personal projects in his spare time. Dan also loves any new technology including virtual reality and 3D printing. Away from the computer he enjoys hiking in the countryside and exploring new places.

Random42 Hector Lucas

Hector Lucas

Senior 3D Generalist

Filmmaking and audiovisual
Institut Mare de Déu de la Mercè

Master of 3D modelling and texturing
Animum Creativity School

Hector studied filmmaking and audiovisual communication in Spain before later specialising in 3D modelling and texturing with an online master at Animum Creativity School. His previous experience is in cartoon TV shows and phone videogames, mainly as a texture artist. Hector is originally from Barcelona and has also lived in Dublin, before recently moving to join us in London. In his spare time, he enjoys videogames, theme parks and trap music.

Steven Ramsbottom Random42

Steven Ramsbottom

Mid 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) Games Art
University of Bolton

Steven studied Games Art at the University of Bolton. He has a background in marketing, doing 3D modelling and animation for major tech and engineering companies, including giants Samsung and LG. Steven joined Random42 to get away from technical engineering clients, and into more creative and inspiring abstract work. Steven enjoys being in a room full of amazing talent to learn from, and he says that’s definitely on the cards here. Outside of work Steven enjoys hitting the gym and hitting the pub in equal measures. It is all about balance.


Turker Mutlu

Mid 3D Generalist

BSc Chemical Engineering
Bosphorus University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Digital Animation and Visual Effects School Production Diploma
The DAVE School (Orlando, USA)

Turker studied Chemical Engineering because he loved to create things using science and technology. As a result of this natural artistic tendency, he later combined this dream with his life long love of computers and became a CG artist. For many years he worked as a freelance artist in Turkey which allowed him to gain experience of a variety of aspects across the industry, from script development to negotiations, rigging to animating, sculpting to simulations. Turker is new to London and enjoys long walks, is a big Alex Garland fan, and he is passionate about quality mystery movies. He has the ambition to one day write the most mind-bending movie script ever, and preferably direct it to.


Sarah Padley

Junior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) 3D Computer Animation and Modelling
University of Hertfordshire

Sarah studied 3D modelling and animation at the University of Hertfordshire. Following this she returned to the University of Hertfordshire to teach as a visiting lecturer, working predominantly with first-year students. In her free time, Sarah enjoys watching anime, eating, sleeping and visiting unusual places and galleries.

Samuel White

Sam White

Junior 3D Generalist

BSc (Hons) Digital Arts
University of Kent

MSc Digital Visual Effects
University of Kent

Sam graduated from the University of Kent, gaining his bachelor’s in Digital Arts and his Master’s in Digital Visual Effects. In his final year of study, his work reached the finals for the 2020 Lumen Arts Student Award. Sam brings this experience and passion to Random42 as a Junior 3D Generalist. Sam is fascinated with simulations, which inspired him to learn Houdini.  Outside of work, Sam loves to play the piano and enjoys composing his own music. He also has a passion for cinematography, such as camera motion, lighting, and framing. In his free time, you will find Sam walking his dog, cycling in the Kent countryside, or doing Pilates to keep fit and help with the aches and pains that come with working at a computer for hours on end.

Jeffrey Collie

Jeffrey Collie

Junior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design
Bournemouth University

Jeffrey has always had a passion for visual art. Raised in France, it was not until he entered Bournemouth University that he truly fell in love with the world of 3D. Graduating with a degree in Computer Animation Arts and Design, Jeff has focused on developing his skills in look development. Outside of work, he enjoys series, graphic novels, and competitive team sport.


Xinyu Zheng

Mid 3D Generalist

BE Digital Media Technology
Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

BA Video Production
Ball State University

MA Digital Effects
Bournemouth University

Xinyu has recently joined us as a Junior 3D Generalist. She originally grew up in Beijing but moved to Indiana, US, and Bournemouth, UK, for her studies. Xinyu has previous experience as a Motion Graphic Designer for a live-broadcasting studio in China Central Television, Beijing.  In her spare time, she is interested in sketching, watercolour painting, and visiting museums and art galleries.

Random42 Ali Megerdicihian

Ali Megerdichian

Junior 3D Generalist

MA Visual Effects Production (3D)
Escape Studios

Ali’s previous professional experience includes client service and support roles in the Advertising and Art sectors. However, it wasn’t until working as a Runner at The Mill that she discovered her passion for 3D. To pursue a career as a 3D artist, she took a year out to gain a Master’s degree in VFX for Production (3D) at Escape Studios. Whilst there, she Co-Directed her team’s final film, Alma (2021), which won multiple international awards. Ali’s role at Random42 is to aid Art Directors and 3D artists in bringing to life clients’ briefs in a creative and aesthetically pleasing way. Ali loves films, adventures, and most of all, her cat, Muffin.

Random42 Aleksandra Pantelejenkova

Aleksandra Pantelejenkova

Junior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) 3D Animation and Visual Effects
University of Hertfordshire

Even before discovering her passion for 3D animation, Aleksandra had a keen interest in biomedical sciences. Joining Random42 allowed her to combine two of her passions into a career that will hopefully pave the way for her as a growing artist. In her spare time, she enjoys both creative and movie/game-centered academic writing, going out dancing and exploring a variety of what London has to offer.

Random42 Wajahut Shah

Wajahut Shah

Junior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) Motion Graphics
Ravensbourne University

Waj graduated from Ravensbourne University with a degree in Motion Graphics. He gained four years of 2D and 3D Generalist experience working in TV at Jump Design, which led to a varied and accomplished portfolio, including RTS award-nominated graphics for Channel 4’s ‘The Supervet’ and pioneering facial tracking. Waj’s knowledge in human musculature and the skeletal system translated well into his work with celebrity veterinarian Noel Fitzpatrick, creating 3D graphics illustrating complex animal surgeries. His passion for 3D has brought him here to Random42, where he believes he can contribute to the team and take his graphics to another level as a 3D Generalist. Outside of work, Waj’s interests include video games, VR, anime, dramas, music, technology, weightlifting, and hanging out with friends and family.

Random42 Victoria Gan

Victoria Gan

Junior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) 3D Computer Animation and Modelling
University of Hertfordshire

From hot and sunny Singapore, Victoria moved to England to study at the University of Hertfordshire. Victoria previously worked in the marketing sector but decided 3D was a better fit for her as she enjoys creating beautiful and realistic pieces of art and seeing them come to life. Outside of work, Victoria enjoys playing the piano, video games, experimenting with makeup, and hitting the gym during her free time!

Random42 Gudny Hannesdottir

Gudny Hannesdottir

Junior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts
Bournemouth University

Illustration diploma
Reykjavik School of Visual Art

Gudny grew up in Iceland. Her family owns the oldest café in Reykjavik, where she worked until moving into the industry. Gudny grew up surrounded by artists and studied violin and opera singing as a hobby, igniting her love for visual art in all its forms. Gudny worked at Blue Zoo as a modeller for animated series, creating props and environments. Before that, she did illustrations for children’s books and educational material. At Random42, Gudny is responsible for creating fun and aesthetic ways to visualise the unseeable as a Junior Generalist. Gudny loves survival games, role-playing games, horror stories, music, and film. If an animated film exists, she has probably seen it (even the bad ones). Show her a dog and she will instantly fall in love with it.

Random42 Jakub Ziaja

Jakub Ziaja

Junior Technical Artist

Game Art
Escape Studios London

Whilst studying art Jakub was always drawn towards the tech responsible for any scene running in real-time. He is mostly self-taught in Unreal’s shader creation and blueprint logic, which has allowed him to develop tools for the Epic Games marketplace. Jakub also started learning Houdini, opening completely new workflows. At Random42 Jakub combines everything he has learned to help create beautiful, abstract environments and interactive experiences all in UE4. Outside of work hours he likes to work out to counter his “sitting” lifestyle and loves to play with large cats.

Patrick Kwok

Patrick Kwok

Junior Animator

BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing & Animation
University of Westminster

Patrick studied at the University of Westminster in Multimedia Computing & Animation. Since graduation, he has been working in the VFX film industry, starting as a render farm wrangler to his eventual move towards animation, where his interests lie, working on such projects as Jungle Book, The Lion King, Dumbo, The One and Only Ivan and Clifford. At Random42, Patrick is responsible for bringing characters from humans to microscopic molecules to life through motion. Outside of work, Patrick enjoys going to the cinema, playing games, crafting, and occasionally escaping from a hoard of goblins in Dungeons and Dragons.

Random42 Evelyn Wandernoth

Evelyn Wandernoth

Junior 3D Generalist

MA Animation
Nottingham Trent University

Evelyn completed her master’s degree in Animation at Nottingham Trent University to pursue a career in 3D and learn more about various aspects such as visual effects, modelling, and animation. As a Junior 3D Generalist, her role is to bring science and art together to create beautiful and informative work. Outside of work, her interests include the violin, rock climbing, and embroidery.

Random 42-Mac-Ansu

MacMillan Ansu

2D Graphics Director

BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technology
University of Greenwich 

Mac studied Multimedia Technology at the University of Greenwich, which he found very interesting, covering all aspects of digital media production. Since graduating, Mac has had experience working in different media agencies, in addition to broadcast post-production houses, as a Motion Designer. As the 2D Graphics Director, Mac is responsible for overseeing all the motion design and print work carried out in the marketing and production departments. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, playing sports and creating personal motion design projects.

Random42 Oliver Hupfau

Oliver Hupfau

Graphics Designer

Bachelor in Design & Communication
Billy Blue College of Design

Oliver is from Sydney, Australia. He finished studying at Billy Blue College of Design and since then has had a history in graphic design, film production and custom fabrication. In his spare time he writes music, attends gigs and enjoys skateboarding.

Random42 Satnam Bansal

Satnam Bansal

Junior Graphic Designer

Ba(Hons) Graphic Design
Ravensbourne University

Satnam is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, who recently graduated Ravensbourne with a First-class Ba(Hons) in Graphic Design. Within Random42, he works alongside the 2D department designing assets for both production and marketing. In his spare time, he likes to: draw, read comic books and watch films.

Ana Duta Random42

Ana Duta

Junior Graphic Designer

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Coventry University

Ana has worked as an in-house graphic designer and as a freelancer for the past two years, with experience mostly in print design, recently focusing more on motion graphics. Ana’s role at Random42 includes designing 2D assets for production and marketing. During her spare time, she likes to play games, watch films, and read books. Ana also studies astronomy/astrophysics part-time, as that’s one of her biggest passions other than design.

Random42 Jack Murray

Jack Murray

Motion Graphic Designer

BA (Hons) Animation in Short Films
University of Creative Arts

Jack graduated from the University of Creative Arts in Farnham, where he completed his degree in Animation in Short films. Jack has worked as a Graphic Designer and Animator in past roles and is very excited to be joining the 2D team here at Random42. In his spare time, Jack enjoys gaming, cooking, cycling, and adventures.

Random42 Leonardo Cavaletti

Leonardo Cavaletti

Lead Interactive Developer

BA Computer Visualisation and Animation
Bournemouth University

As lead of the Interactive Department, Leon likes to focus on the technical side of Random42’s interactive experiences, using his broad programming knowledge to provide robust code bases and smooth releases across projects. Having previously worked in the company as a 3D artist, Leon is able to bridge the two departments and ensure quick and effective communication between artists and developers. His passion for problem-solving and robust software development lead him to develop most of the company’s pipeline as well, creating tools which are now a core part of Random42’s technical infrastructure and constantly striving to improve production workflow. In his free time he likes to take on personal projects, some of which got featured on popular outlets like the Time Magazine, the ProductHunt website and Channel Asia. He also has a keen interest in gaming culture, and enjoys regular physical exercise and weightlifting in-between long hikes immersed in nature.

Random42 David Ball

David Ball

Senior Interactive Developer

BSc (Hons) Human-Computer Systems
Edinburgh Napier University

MSc Computer Science
University of Glasgow

Since completing his Masters in Computer Science David has worked as a VR developer building interactive games and applications. Previously he worked as a web and IT consultant helping businesses adopt new technologies. He joined our interactive team to helps us create new and exciting AR and VR experiences. His hobbies include hiking, cycling, gaming and creating his own personal AR and VR projects.

Random42 Zack Bloundele

Zack Bloundele

Interactive Developer

BSc Computer Games Development – University of East London

MSc Games Development – Kingston University

In the two and a bit years since finishing his Masters in Games Development, Zack has spent his time teaching programming and developing VR games at an indie studio he co-founded. He’s since joined Random42’s interactive team to help expand the AR/VR development pipeline and create interesting interactive experiences. In his free time, Zack enjoys running, cooking and playing a variety of computer/board/card games.

Random42 Liam O'Sullivan

Liam O’ Sullivan

Head of I.T.

Film & English
University of Portsmouth

Liam is responsible for the planning, building and maintenance of all of the systems and data at Random42.

Random42 Benas Kazlauskas

Benas Kazlauskas

Junior Systems Administrator

Computer Science BSc Honours
University of Westminster

Benas studied Computer Science at the University of Westminster. Before joining Random42, he had experience in maintaining systems and programming and being the champion of Azeroth, the fictional Warcraft world. Benas brings this experience and passion to his new role as a Junior Systems Administrator, where he is responsible for the planning, building, and maintenance of all the systems and data at Random42. Outside of work, Benas enjoys playing and watching competitive team sports, as well as playing games and travelling on the central line in the summertime.

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